Entre Gourmets


Rich Brownie


185g dark chocolate (55%-60%), melted and cooled

110g unsalted butter, softened

220g brown sugar

1/2-1 tsp vanilla (I forgot to add, but it still taste good)

200g whole eggs, lightly beaten

75g plain flour

50g cocoa powder

Preheat Oven - Preheat oven to 180 degrees C.


Combine flour and cocoa - In a large mixing bowl, sift both plain flour and cocoa powder. Whisk well to distribute evenly.


Cream butter - Cream butter and sugar on medium speed for about 3-5 minutes.

Cream the butter until the volume increases noticeably.


Adding eggs to creamed butter - Slowly add in eggs by the tablespoon to the creamed butter, beating the mixture well before incorporating the next tablespoon.


Incorporating melted chocolate - Beat in melted chocolate and mix well.


Adding dry ingredients - Stir in the dry ingredients.


Baking the brownies - Pour batter into a lined 8 x 8 inch  (=20 cm) square tin and level the surface.

Bake for 23 -30 minutes at 180 degrees C. The top should be crusty and dull. When lightly pressed on the surface, the underneath feels semi-firm.

Cool baked brownie in tin for 45mins before removing to cool on wire rack. Serve chilled or at room temperature as desired.


Bon Appétit!